RE: Shelby!

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Thanks for letting me know! I remotely logged in as Reception and wa=
s able to update Shelby. Not sure why you encountered the error locally, bu=
t we’ll look into this for you.

Bottom line is that all should be well now!

Mark Lubbock

From: St. John’s UMC Office [office@stjoh=]
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 1:48 PM
To: Mark Lubbock
Subject: Shelby!
When we try to log in to Shelby in the Reception office, we get the =
message "some system files need to be updated that require administrat=
ive privileges …"  Brenda could not make
the changes with her log in … HELP we are in need of fixing right away a=
s we are doing church audits.  We’ll leave the computer on in case you=
can fix it from there.

n Cooper

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