Give Day
October 21, 2019

Men’s Ministry and Scouting Ministry “Give Day”
Why: United Methodist Men is expanding its mission to enable all men and all youth to have an on-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As we cast nets in new waters, we are re-tooling our skills-sets to reach younger and more diverse men. As we are expanding our resources for transformational small group experiences, churches are finding a treasury of life-enriching outcomes. Additional funds are needed to develop these new resources that will expand spiritual-enrichment opportunities throughout the world.

What: Give Day is a one-day gifting opportunity to provide financial support for men’s and scouting ministries throughout all levels of our church.
There are three ways to give on October 21st.
• Electronically:
– 12:00 A.M. to Midnight (Central Time)
bit.ly/GCUMM-Give (online)
– Text “UMMen” to 44321 (cell)
• Toll-free Number (1-866-297-4312)
– 5:00 A.M. to Midnight (Central Time)
• Direct Mail: P.O. Box 440515, Nashville, TN. 37244

Our unique funding: Our commission (unlike other program agencies) is responsible for raising 75% of our budget. We accomplish this because of the support of generous churches and individuals. With our recent ministry growth, the requests for training, materials, follow-up guidance and mentorship are all expanding throughout The United Methodist connection. To meet these needs, we need to expand our circle of support.
How: You are receiving this information because of you are a leader in men’s ministry. We need as many volunteers as possible to distribute promotional materials which churches and individuals will need to make their Gifts.

This use of electronic materials will reduce costs and will provide an easy way to make donations. These materials can be printed or forwarded to church members or to people within your circle of influence. We simply ask you to share your passion for men’s ministry and to encourage your friends and colleagues to help support the development of resources to aid every man and young person to have an on-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.