FW: Wesley Foundation at Southeastern News



all is well with you and that your ministry is blessed.=C2=A0 =

you know that Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond is the third =
university in Louisiana.=C2=A0 Our student population for the last few =
years has
been between 14 and 15 thousand students.=C2=A0=C2=A0 Here is a =
breakdown of the SELU
student population (rounded to the nearest 100):=C2=A0=C2=A0 St Tammany =
2800 students,
Tangipahoa 2300, East Baton Rouge=C2=A0 2000, Livingston 1700, =
Jefferson=C2=A0 900,
Washington 600, Ascension=C2=A0=C2=A0 700, St Charles 300, East & =
West Feleciana, St
Helena 200.

can see that we are not just a =E2=80=9CHammond=E2=80=9D school.=C2=A0 =
We are a university that
serves the entire state and specifically the corridor between the =
Pearl=C2=A0 River
and the Mississippi River.=C2=A0 We have a large population of =
students as well.=C2=A0=C2=A0

have started a worship service on Sunday evenings called =E2=80=9CThe =
Open Door=E2=80=9D=C2=A0 and
it is for people of all ages.=C2=A0 We begin at 7:30 p.m.=C2=A0 It is =
the ultimate late
sleeper=E2=80=99s service.=C2=A0 We have a Bible discussion group on =
Tuesday evenings at
7:30 and today, Tuesday, we are hosting a college and career=C2=A0 =
Anonymous.=C2=A0 We hope to host a teen age AA group in the near future. =

lunches are going strong.=C2=A0 We feed 150-180 students every =
Wednesday.=C2=A0 I cook
and students do the salad and bread, and set up chairs.=C2=A0 I prefer =
that students
not handle large hot pots for safety reasons.=C2=A0=C2=A0 =

are open officially from 9 =E2=80=93 5 every day with something going on =
in the
building every evening.

you have students who are part of your church family attending SELU, =
pass their names and contact information to us.  ALSO, we are =
looking for
United Methodists who are  Faculty and Staff persons  at the
university.  Please pass their names to us as well.  We are =
here to
serve the students, faculty and staff. 

you take a moment right now to offer a prayer for the campus ministry =
here at
Southeastern?  Please pray for the leaders, students, faculty and =
staff –
that through the ministry here the Gospel will be proclaimed and lives =
through the ministry here.

Grace =
and peace