Strength For Service

Strength for Service is the devotional written specifically for
those in service of others. First published in 1942, the volume went out of
print in the 1950s as armed forces personnel returned home. Fifty years later,
Boy Scout Evan Hunsberger discovered his grandfathers well worn copy of the book
and made an Eagle Scout project out of seeing the volume republished. Today, the
revised book has been distributed to 300,000 service personnel of many
denominations. Your help is needed to share this inspiring devotional with
thousands more. Whether serving on the front lines in Iraq or caring for the
wounded stateside, U.S. military personnel around the world need Strength
for Service

Strength for Service to God and Country is
a project that the men of the Texas Conference feel is most worthy and is at the
top of our priorities. If you would like to donate to this worthwhile project
contact us here or contact any board

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